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Unprecedented Features


Want a hassle-free solution?     Setup your Masternode with just one simple click. It's a no-brainer!


What is crypto if it's not anonymous? We only need your email at sign up. The rest is yours to keep.

Topnotch Security

Your Masternode coins are safe with us. Our servers have safety features that keep malicious hackers at bay.

Cold Wallet

Setup a cold wallet with our Masternode hosting so your coins will never have to leave.

Best Value

Why spend more when you can get even better features at a full bargain? You make the choice.

Easy Payment

We accept more than +400 Altcoins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum & Monero. Top up is also available.

How It Works

01 Sign Up

Create a user account when you checkout a Masternode Hosting plan. Start as low as $3 / month.

02 Choose Coin

Choose the coin(s) you want to host and transfer the required amount of collateral from your wallet.

03 Deploy

Once you click 'Start Masternode', the system starts the installation and setup automatically. Easy peasy!

Your Masternode Hosting Is One-Click Away